Prioritizing the "Whole-Self" through Mentorship

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Heide Groomes and Rhapsody SnyderOur personal and professional goals, as they are today, have been shaped by a lifetime of experiences some in our control and others not. When professional mentorship is personalized, based upon a mentee's experiences, demographics and aspirations, the impact can be positive and long-lasting. Mentees are then encouraged to grow at their own pace and to advocate for the whole-self, not just for their career. This conversation will explore best practices in mentoring, as well as how mentorship can, with intention, become a source of empowerment.
Hear from Heide Groomes (left), managing partner of Groomes Business Solution, and Rhapsody Snyder (right), executive director at Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, about their own personal and professional journeys and the role mentorship has played in their lives. 

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Thursday April 13
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
This is a virtual, livestreamed event. Viewing links will be provided to registrants 24 hours before the event.
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Prioritizing the "Whole-Self" through Mentorship:
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