Professional Mentoring

When you build connections, connections build you — it’s that simple. As a mentor, you'll serve as a role model who becomes a part of a Roosevelt student’s network.

Mentoring Partnerships

Mentoring partnerships are based on shared personal and professional experiences. After orientation, each mentoring pair establishes their own schedule. Meetings can take place in any location or format that works for them. Mentoring experiences can include:

  • Collaborating to establish goals for professional growth.
  • Expanding career-based knowledge and awareness of professional opportunities. 
  • Discussing networking methods or teaming up to network together. 
  • Reviewing skills, knowledge and abilities needed for certain career paths.
  • Developmental opportunities such as job shadowing or informational interviews.

Professional mentorship diagram


Students stand in front of research presentation

When Victoria Lopez met postdoctoral scholar Chuck Blajszczak through the Roosevelt University program, she was surprised at how much they had in common. Like her, Chuck was the first in his family to attend college in the United States.


Jeff Isaac and Deriall Reed

CEO of Boy Scouts of America Pathway to Adventure Council Jeff Isaac and his mentee, Deriall Reed, share their experiences with the Roosevelt University Professional Mentoring Program and how it has touched and even changed, their lives.

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Be a Mentor

Roosevelt alumni and experienced professionals are encouraged to apply if: 

  • Possess a minimum of five years of professional experience.
  • Able to support a mentee for a year and meet at least for one hour a month.
  • Committed to coaching and guiding a student to support their personal and professional growth.
"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."  - John C. Crosby


Jessica Mueller, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement